Is there a warranty?

Yes The AFK  (excluding pouch) has a 2 year replacement warranty for breakage, even by professional firefighters.... who I know can break anything. We will cover replacement shipping within Australia, outside of Australia you will be asked to contribute towards shipping costs.

Are the knives made in Australia?

No, they are manufactured in China, to our specifications. Australian Firefighters Knife Co is an Australian, family owned and operated business and the knife was designed by Australian firefighters to suit Australian conditions.

What steel is in blade made of?

The blade is made of 8CR13MOV with titanised coating

Can I buy a replacement pouch?

Not currently but will be adding this shortly. In the mean time if you have any pouch problem please contact us and we will endeavour to help you out.

Do you ship internationally

Yes, with the exceptions of North America and Canada. 

Is it legal to import the knife into my country

Unfortunately we cannot know the current legal requirements of every country and sub-state within countries. In most cases our knife is classed a s a pocket knife/folding knife and is not illegal to import. However, these classifications change all the time and it is up to the buyer to check this.

Who took the pictures of the firefighters?

We are currently working with photographers on more images but the current ones on the slide show are used with permission by Skeeze at Pixabay