The Australian Fire Knife (AFK) was designed after a work conversation about the difficuIty in finding a really good knife for work. Most are hard to open (despite their claims) and impossible with gloves on! Many jobs require gloves as PPE and even a paramedics' thin latex gloves render most pocket knives impossible to open. So I got in my shed and designed a shape and size of knife that I could easily open, and that sat comfortably in a gloved hand.

The other design features came about after speaking to work colleagues (other professional firefighters) and running a trial where a prototype was given out and used for several months before feedback was gathered.  It is a "lock back" design, which locks out solidly and can be unlocked, with gloves on, without fiddling around for a sliding sliver of metal. The point of the blade is turned down so there is less chance of stabbing when cutting near skin. The hook cutter is great for safely cutting small cordage, or materials near skin. The glass breaker on the end is tungsten steel and has been tested (by me) and it works. (check out the blog page and the post from "flashover")

I also feel that there is much less "personal gear" than there used to be, helmets, torches etc are all given back and the days of the old firefighters axe on retirement are gone. For that reason I added the name plate, not only will this help the knife find its way back to you if you lose it, I also hope it becomes part of your "kit" and sparks memories as you progress through your career.